Research Title : Cover
Author Name : contents_45-2
Research Title : Arab Journal of Nuclear Science and Applications
Author Name : contents_45-2
Research Title : Chemical Studies on Liquid-liquid Extraction of Titanium (IV) and Iron (III) from Titania Waste Solution using Di-(2-ethylhexyl) Phosphoric Acid Solvent
Author Name : Tayseer A. Lasheen, Omnya M. El-Hussaini, Evon M. Helmy, Mohamed. A. Hady, Al-Sayed A. Manaa
Research Title : Diffusion Mechanism of Cesium, Cobalt and Cadmium Ions in the Particles of Tin Vanadate as a Cation Exchanger
Author Name : S.A. Shady, A. B. El-Deeb and I.M. El-Naggar
Research Title : Environmental U-Extraction of Elsela Radioactive Spent Ore-Southwestern Desert-Egypt
Author Name : Gamil, E. A., .Ibrahim, T.,M., Abd El Wahab G. M. and Awad, S. A Nuclear Materials Authority
Research Title : Synthesis, Characterization and Sorption Behavior of Some Radionuclides on Zirconium Tungstate Ion Exchanger
Author Name : Mostafa M. Hamed, M. F. Attallah and F A. Shehata
Research Title : Some Corrosion Characteristics of Aged Aluminum Alloy 6061 in Neutral and Alkaline Solutions
Author Name : K. El-Menshawy, A.A. El-Sayed, M.E. El-Bedawy, H. A. Ahmed and S.M. El-Raghy
Research Title : Recovery and Separation of Valuable Metals from Spent Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries using some Organophosphorus Extractants
Author Name : M.I. Aly, J.A. Daoud, and H.F. ALy
Research Title : Kinetic Studies of some Hazardous Metal Ions in the Particals of Titanium Potassium Vanadate as a Cation Exchanger
Author Name : M.M. El-Shourbagy, A. B. El-Deeb and A.M.I. Aly
Research Title : Radiation Syntheses of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Metal Ion Selective Separation
Author Name : H. Kamal, H.A. Abd El-Rehim, Y.F. Al-Qudah and E.A. Hegazy
Research Title : Recovery of Uranium from Abu-Rushied Granitic Rocks Using Diluted Phosphoric Acid Leaching Agent
Author Name : M. A. Abdel-Hamied, M. G. Abu El Azm and A. H. Orabi
Research Title : Mineralogical and Geochemical Aspects of Nubia Sandstons at Gabel El Ghurfa, Southeastern Desert, Egypt
Author Name : Ibrahim, M. E, Aly, G. M. and El-Tohamy, A.M.
Research Title : Characteristics of the Solid Residue from Leaching Gattar (V) UraniferousMaterial
Author Name : Sayyah, E.M.a, El-Hussaini, O.M.*, Abd El-Ghany, M.S., Abuzaid , A.H.M., and Abd-El Gawad, H.H.M.
Research Title : Sorption and Desorption of Strontium using Silica extracted from Acid Treated Rice Husk. I: Effect of pH and Interfering Ions.
Author Name : H. M. H. Gad, E. E. H. Borai & A. M. K. El-Khalafawy
Research Title : Studies on the Use of Supported Liquid Membrane Technique for Removal of Heavy Metals from Water Effluents
Author Name : M.A. Negm, N. A. El –Said and J. A. Daoud
Research Title : Bioleaching of Uranium - bearing material from Abu Thor area, West Central Sinai, Egypt for recovering uranium.
Author Name : Galal Mahmoud AbdEl Wahab , Maisa Mohamed Amin and Sami Kotb Aita
Research Title : Swelling and Drug Release Properties of Starch Based Copolymer Hydrogel Prepared By Ionizing Radiation
Author Name : Yahya H. F. Al-qudah
Research Title : Individual dosimetry in planned, existing and accidental exposure situations
Author Name : T. Salah El Deen ,M. AM Gomaa , T. Morsy and M.H.Shabon
Research Title : Combination of Magnetic Susceptibility, Electromagnetic and Neutron Backscattering Techniques for Landmine Detection
Author Name : Mohamed Elkattan, A. M. Osman, Assran, S. M. Assran, R. M. Megahid, Aladin Kamel and Hadia El-Hennawy
Research Title : A developed Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination Method of Thorium in Mineralized Granite
Author Name : Laila A. Guirguis, Gad B. El-Hefnawey , Samy M. Helmy, Adham K. Salim
Research Title : Ground Gamma-Ray Spectrometric Study and Environmental Impact for Moreid-Elsahu Area, Southwestern Sinai, Egypt
Author Name : Assran S. M. Assran , Hassan M. Abdelhadi, Hassan M. El Shayeb , Abdallah S. Ashami, Mostafa A. Zaeimah
Research Title : Simulation studies of the extraction region from glow discharge ion sources
Author Name : M.M. Abdelrahman
Research Title : Surface Analysis of one Pound from the Egyptian Coins
Author Name : S. A. Abd El Aal, N.Dawood, and A. I. Helal
Research Title : Radioactivity measurement and dose rate calculation due to γ-ray of soil from Chashnikovo – Russia
Author Name : W.M. Badawy, S.V. Mamikhin
Research Title : Measurement Of Inelastic Scattering Ccross–Sections For Reactor Fast Neutrons From Yb174 Using The Time Of Flight Technique
Author Name : Al Azzawe, Ahmed J. M
Research Title : Dielectric Properties of Cd1-xZnxSe Thin Film Semiconductors
Author Name : L. A. Wahab , H. A. Zayed, A. A. Farrag
Research Title : Self-consistent Calculations using Alpha-Alpha Interactions for 16O Nuclei
Author Name : Azza O.El-Shal , N. A. Mansour*, Samia S. A. Hassan and Omnia S. A. Qandil
Research Title : Rare Earth Elements Distribution in Beryl
Author Name : H.K. El Gawisha, W.A. Ghaly, N. Nada, A.I. Helal
Research Title : Iron oxide nanoparticles: applicability for heavy metal removal from contaminated water
Author Name : K. A. Al-Saad, M. A. Amr, D. T. Hadi, R. S. Arar, M. M. AL-Sulaiti, T. A. Abdulmalik, N. M. Alsahamary, J. C. Kwak
Research Title : Radioactivity measurements and risk assessments in soil samples at south and middle of Qatar
Author Name : A. T. Al-Kinani, M. A. Amr, K. A. Al-Saad, A. I. Helal, and M. M. Al Dosari
Research Title : Investigation of depleted uranium contamination in the south parts of Qatar using Gamma ray spectroscopy and ICP-MS
Author Name : A. T. Al-Kinani, M. A. Amr, K. A. M. Al-Saad, A. I. Helal, and M. Al Dosari
Research Title : Phytoremediation of Depleted Uranium from Contaminated Soil and Sediments
Author Name : K. A. Al-Saad, M. A. Amr, A. T. Al-Kinani, A. I. Helal
Research Title : Radioactivity of the Treated Topaz
Author Name : S. Salama, A.I. Helal and M.A. Gomaa
Research Title : Re-Assessment for Industrial Cobalt 60 Irradiator Maintaining Radiation Safety
Author Name : Keshk A. B. and R. A. Aly
Research Title : Thermal Contact Resistance and Ambient Temperature Effects on the Cooling of Mo99 Plate Targets inside the Hot Cell
Author Name : Abou Elmaaty Talal,
Research Title : A Technique for Predicting Soil Resistivity and Earthing Resistance of Deep Earthing Electrodes
Author Name : E.A. Eisawy
Research Title : Nickel Manganese for Thermochemical Water-Splitting and Hydrogen Production
Author Name : Omar A.A.Abdelal
Research Title : Estimation of the Expected Dose Levels around a Typical MTR Research Reactor in Normal Operation
Author Name : Amr Abdelhady
Research Title : The effect of FSW tool geometry on AA6061-T6 weldments
Author Name : M. A. Abdelrahman, M. M. Ghoneim, M. E. Abdelazim , M M. R. El-Kouss
Research Title : Isotopic Transmutation and Fuel Burnup in BN-600 Hybrid Fast Reactor Core
Author Name : Moustafa Aziz and Mohga I. Hassan
Research Title : Silicon Utilization in renewable energy generation
Author Name : M. M. Osman
Research Title : Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Zirconia / Nickel Functionally Graded Materials
Author Name : M. S. EL-Wazery, A. R. EL-Desouky, O. A. Hamed, N. A. Mansour, Ahmed. A. Hassan
Research Title : Image Retrieval based on Integration between Color and Geometric Moment Features
Author Name : M. H. Saad, H. I. Saleh, H. Konbor, M. Ashour
Research Title : Effect of Hydrides Formed by Electrochemical Methods in Zry-2 Cladding Tubes on Tensile Strength
Author Name : A.F.Waheed, Omar A. A. Abdelal and E.H.El-hakim
Research Title : Control of Microbiologically Induced Corrosion in Petroleum Industry Using Various Preventive Strategies
Author Name : Abeer E. Zakaria, H. M. Gebreil and Naglaa M. Abdelaal
Research Title : Comparing the Genotoxic Effects Induced by Folate Deficiency to Those Induced By Ionizing Radiation in Cultured Human Lymphocytes
Author Name : S. ET. Soliman, M.D
Research Title : Gallic acid formation from gallotannins-rich agricultural wastes using Aspergillus niger AUMC 4301 or its tannase enzyme
Author Name : M. Z. El-Fouly; Z. El-Awamry; Azza A.M. Shahin; Heba A. El-Bialy; E. Naeem and Ghadeer E. El-Saeed
Research Title : The Relationship among Smoking, Plasma Adiponectin, Leptin, Inflammatory Markers and Insulin Resistance
Author Name : M A.Shousha, and S. ET.Soliman
Research Title : Efficiency of Dry (Psidium guava) Leaves for The Removal of Cesium-137 from Aqueous Solutions
Author Name : H.A. Omar, S.A. Abu-Kharda, R*. M. Abu-Shohba, L. Abd El -Baset Attia
Research Title : Fractionation of Uranium Forms as Affected by Spiked Soil Treatment and Soil Type
Author Name : S. M. Lotfy, A.Z. Mostafa, and M. F. Abdel-Sabour.
Research Title : Phytochemical Protection against Diethylnitrosoamine Induced Hepatocarcinogenesis by Trigonella foenum graecum in Female Rats
Author Name : Mohamed R. Abdelgawad, Mohamed M.M. Mustafa, Mohamed K.I. Kottb
Research Title : Effects Of Irrigation With Saline Water, And Soil Type On Germination And Seedling Growth Of Sweet Maize (Zea Mays L.)
Author Name : A. Z. Mostafa , M. Amato, Y.G.M. Galal, A. Hamdi, and S.M. Lotfy
Research Title : Recycling of Treated Sewage Sludge in Sustainable Agriculture
Author Name : Yehia G. M. Galal
Research Title : Effect of Potassium and Sucrose Concentrations on the Production of Potato Microtubers Through Tissue Culture
Author Name : S. F. El-Sharabasy*, El-Sharnouby, M. E. and Zahran, A. A
Research Title : Is Vitamin E Life Supporter for Gamma Irradiated Galleria Mollenella?
Author Name : Hussein F. Mohamed
Research Title : Modulator Effect of Turmeric on Oxidative Damage in Whole Body Gamma Irradiated rats
Author Name : Hesham H. Amin and M.I. Abdou

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