About Society

The Egyptian Society of Nuclear Science and Application (ESNSA) as a nongovernmental organization was officially established in 1967.

The purpose and aim of society is to establish a scientific medium for scientists involved,concerned or interested in nuclear science and its multidisciplinary applications in all different scientific area. This scientific media will provide a forum through which scientists at the national and international level may interact and communicate to discuss and exchange knowledge, achievements,operational experience and state of art of nuclear sciences. This is done through conferences, scientific meetings, lectures and scientific publications.

          ESNS Apublications include the "Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and Applications" that appears annually in three issues in January, May and September. Special issues are published un-periodically.

          The ESNSA board of directors composed of thirteen members who are elected by the ESNSA general assembly every year. From these thirteen, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive secretary, Treasure and Editorial board are elected by the board of directors.